Restoran Kohvik
«FISHERMAN'S CATCH» (herring, smoked butterfish and salmon, salted salmon, trout caviar, marinated lampreys)

€ 23.50

«MEAT BAR» (lard, smoked meat, liver pate, beef tongue, smoked duck and homemade delicacies)
€ 20.30
AN ASSORTMENT from our storehouse (marinated cherry tomatoes, salted cucumbers, sauerkraut, marinated bell pepper)
€ 7.80
BOEUF a'la TARTAR raw minced beef with egg yolk, onion and spices
€ 14.90
SALTED CUCUMBERS from our storehouse with honey and sour cream
€ 5.30
BOILED BEEF TONGUE with horseradish and sour cream sauce, served with forest mushrooms and potato pancakes
€ 10.60
HERRING Arhangelski Style lean pickled green herring with onions and sour cream
€ 7.40
Marinated wild mushrooms
€ 6.40
POSOSHOK ice-cold shot of vodka and caviar on a dessert spoon
€ 5,60
Black Caviar
€ 99.00
Red Caviar (chum salmon)
€ 17.10