Cafe "Troika"
Russian cuisine in Tallinn
Shchi, solyanka, mushroom and chicken soup. Cooked according to old-Russian recipes.
Pancakes with caviar, salmon, potatoes and mushrooms, with ice cream. Like grandmother's!
Siberian dumplings, with bear, with venison, with chicken fillet, colorful children's pel'meshki. Made by hand and with love!
About cafe
"Troika" café is located in a historic building of the "Center Of Russian Culture" at Mere puiestee 5.
"Troika" is a traditional Russian cuisine café, that will surprise you with good prices and stylish interior.
In the café menu we have salads, appetizers, soups and main dishes, a large selection of fresh pastries (because we have our own bakery!) and hand-made sweets, not letiing alone Russian pancakes and dumplings.
Troika stops time - you're leaving the café with unforgettable experience of authentic Russian hospitality!