Gala dinner

The price includes wine, to be served without restriction for two hours from the beginning of the dinner, also ice water and cranberry juice as well as tea or coffee.
For starters, you are served hot and cold appetizers:
Pickles with honey and sour cream.
Pickled herring with onion, smetana and toasted bread.
Handmade dumplings with broth.
Meat selection of boiled beef tongue, jerky beef and beef liver paté.
Olivier salad with chicken and the Provençal dressing 
Plate with cheese selection and vegetables.
And of course the traditional Russian seasoning - Russian mustard and sour cream with horseradish 
After appetizers we offer You hot main dishes:
Hot main from two types of fish topped with cheese.
Pork collar chop marinated in honey and mustard and cooked at low heat.
Blanched cauliflower with wild mushrooms and cheese.
As side dishes, we offer oven-baked golden brown potatoes and
buckwheat porridge with bacon and onion.
Dessert - bagels, gingerbread, various candies, jam and honey Famous Russian tea from a samovar
The price of the festive dinner for one is 35 euros.

Feast starting from 10 guests.
Orders are accepted no later than 5 workdays before the visit (50% prepaid); changes can be made no later than 2 workdays before the visit.

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