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The Mannerheim feast
Troika’s special menu in Vladimir style
Czar Saltan's Feast
Officers feast in tavern
Troika Feast

Czar Saltan's Feast

 Don't we all wish to find ourselves in the kingdom of fairytale, where there should be no worries, all our problems would be solved magically and the party would last all day long. And wouldn’t it be pleasant to feel yourself to be the ruler of the fairytale, tasting sweet gifts with enchanting music.
Fortunately, it is possible by selecting real-life fairy tale in a magnificent restaurant Troika. Kuulake

As you arrive, we have prepared an assortment of delicious zakuskas for you: 

Salted pickles with honey and sour cream, best dumplings beneath a light dough cover, Russian battercakes with wild mushrooms and traditional pie with potato and mushroom filling.
Oven-baked aubergine with tomatoes and mushrooms.
Delicious mildly salted herring and red bean salad with ham and green onion
Oven-baked chicken wings, beef tongue “Buryonka” and “salo” – salted lard.

Having sat down comfortably, you can begin to enjoy our main course:

Mustard-marinated oven-baked pork chop "Buzenina" and red fish filled with vegetables completed by oven-baked potatoes with creamy mushroom sauce

According to the best Russian traditions, the almost three-hour plentiful feast is completed by famous Russian samovar tea with a dish of fruit.

Feast starting from 12 guests.
Price per one guest 35,90 EUR
Drinks: coffee or tea and ice water are included.

Orders are accepted no later than four workdays before the visit (50% prepaid), changes can be made no later than two workdays before the visit.

Offer valid from February to October.

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