39.90 EUR

The Mannerheim feast
Troika’s special menu in Vladimir style
Czar Saltan's Feast
Officers feast in tavern
Troika Feast

OFFICERS FEAST IN TAVERN (including unlimited wine!)

First on the table are served hot and cold snacks:

Pickles with honey and sour cream
Pickled herring with onions and spicy Russian mustard
Handmade dumplings with broth
Blanched cauliflower baked with wild mushrooms and cheese
Meat selection of beef tongue “Buryonka”, jerky beef and pate of wild boar
Classic “Olivier“ salad with chicken
Assorted spicy cheese with vegetables
And of course the traditional Russian seasoning - Russian mustard and sour cream with horseradish

After appetizers we offer You hot main dishes:

Savory lamb
Tsar's style baked sturgeon
We will bring you baked potatoes and rice with vegetables as a side dish


Bagels, gingerbread, various candies, jam and honey Famous Russian tea from a samovar

Feast starting from eight guests. Price per guest: 39,90 EUR.
Complimentary wine is served within 3 hours from the beginning of the feast
The price includes wine, coffee or tea and ice water.
Orders are accepted no later than four workdays before the visit (50% prepaid or with the company’s letter of guarantee); changes can be made no later than two workdays before the visit.

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