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The Mannerheim feast
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The Mannerheim feast

Marshal C.G. Mannerheim was famous for his high demands, also for cuisines and restaurants visited by him. His table manners were well known everywhere, and they were often spoken of. He liked to eat with a company, which he carefully selected. 
As a gourmet, he liked to choose his food and drink to go with it. His favourite dish was smoked piglet filled with buckwheat. The main chef cut the oven piglet himself. Mannerheim never rejected good wine; his absolute favourite was "Le Cardinal". C.G. Mannerheim combined his eating traditions considering both French and Russian cuisines. Many stories have been told of the marshal’s amply full liquor glass. Some people spilled it into their sleeves, the others on the table. If some people spilled it on the food at their plate, the marshal was astonished and asked: "Do you think the food needs to be spiced with vodka or the dressing sauce to be thinned, or is there anything else wrong with the food?" He had no trouble coining up some minor wicked joke. There were many stories connected with the heap on the liquor glass. A general once asked Mannerheim about the origin of that habit. Mannerheim told him that when there were manoeuvres in the Russian army, and the officers were fed by the state, there was one glass of vodka to go with breakfast and two with supper.
As the state paid for everything, they all had their glasses filled as much as possible. 
Before eating, he always took a glass of vodka, sometimes even more, which according to the Russian customs was completely justified.
Now we wish to offer you a piece of the history, a bit of nostalgic recollection with the favourite dishes and drinks of C.G. Mannerheim.

The menu of C.G.Mannerheim feast

Chicken salad «Olivier»
Pickles with honey and sour cream. Three types of lard with bread crisps
Cooked beef tongue "Burenka". Salmon tartare with eggs and pancakes
Spicy herring fillet with fresh herbs, onion and black bread
Cheese platter with green olives and lingonberry jam
Chicken wings in wine sauce
Vareniki with potatoes, fried onion and sour cream
Main courses:
Oven-baked piglet. Two kinds baked and stewed in cream with vegetables
oven-baked potatoes

Champagne bowl with strawberries 
Ice cream with chocolate dressing.

Coffee with cream and sugar 

Feast starting from 12 guests. Price per one guest 59.90 EUR
Drinks: coffee or tea and ice water are included.

Orders are accepted no later than four workdays before the visit (50% prepaid); changes can be made no later than two workdays before the visit.

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