43.90 EUR

The Mannerheim feast
Troika’s special menu in Vladimir style
Czar Saltan's Feast
Officers feast in tavern
Troika Feast

Troika’s special menu in Vladimir style

At first cold and hot appetizers will be served on the table

Two salads:
“Vinegret”-salad with baltic herring
Classic “Olivier“ salad with chicken

Selection of tasty Russian cold snacks – “zakuskas”
Pickles with honey and sour cream
Beef tongue “Burjonka”
Oven baked quail legs
Ham rolls stuffed with cheese and garlic
Llightly salted whitefish fillet and salmon, trout caviar

Hot appetizers
Pie with chicken and chees
Russian dumplings “pelmeni” with beef broth
Traditional vegetable pie “Coulebiac” with potato and forest mushrooms
All this served with a selection of fresh, salted and marinated vegetables

Appetizers will be followed by main course served on hot cast iron pans

Roasted wild boar in village style
Pot roast “Zharkoye” of freshwater fish
Both served with oven-baked potatoes with mushroom sauce

Seasonal berry patties and hot tea made in Russian teapot “samovar” will end the feast

We offer Vladimir-style menu for 8 or more guests
The menu price 43,90 EUR per person
Drinks: coffee or tea and ice water are included
Orders are accepted no later than four workdays before the visit (50% prepaid or with the company’s letter of guarantee); changes can be made no later than two workdays before the visit.

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