Salted cucumbers from our storehouse with honey and sour-cream
6.90 EUR
Spicy chicken wings
8.50 EUR
Meat platter (for two)
23.90 EUR
Herring Arhangelski style - lean picked herring with onions and sour-cream.
12.90 EUR
Selection of cheeses (for two)
13.90 EUR
Marinated wild mushrooms..
9.90 EUR
"Troika"`s garlic breads with salted pork.
9.90 EUR
Red Caviar 100g
23.90 EUR
Black Caviar 50g.
119 EUR
Eggplant Caviar
10.90 EUR
Green olives
4.90 EUR
"Village style" - dough pelmeni overcooked in an oven under a lid with forest mushroom sauce
14.90 EUR
"Siberian" - traditional dumplings with several types of meat, served with three different sauces.
13.90 EUR
"Barašek-specials lamb dumplings
13.90 EUR
"Kurochka Ryaba" dumplings with chicken
13.90 EUR
"Alaska" - deer meat dumplings
15.90 EUR
"Taiga style" - bear meat dumplings .
18.90 EUR
Vareniky - dumplings with potatoes, onion and wild mushrooms
11.90 EUR
Main Courses
"Yasnaja Polyana" - traditional Old-Russian style pot roast under a pie crust
16.90 EUR
Grilled pork chop with crispy oven potatoes and mushrooms
16.90 EUR
Grilled fillet of chicken with mashed potatoes
15.90 EUR
Homemade cabbage rolls with ground meat and sour-cream
15.90 EUR
Half meter of craft sausage
18.90 EUR
Lamb knuckle stewed in red wine with vegetables and potatoes
24.90 EUR
Biifsteak "Troika" - champion's beef steak on a sizzling cast iron pan with Petchory style garnish
31.90 EUR
Wild boar in red wine - red wine stewed choice-cut boar meat with potatoes
26.90 EUR
Fillet a'la Stroganoff - duke Stroganov's favorite dish
25.90 EUR
Bear meat Stroganoff with cowberry-juniper sauce, baked apple and potatoes
45.90 EUR
Dorado with garlic butter - served on a sizzling cast iron pan.
23.90 EUR
Pot roast "Zharkoye" of several types of fish
18.90 EUR
Fried potatoes with onion and wild mushrooms.
12.90 EUR
Green salads with beef and mushrooms
14.90 EUR
Pancakes with minced meat, served on a sizzling cast iron pan
14.80 EUR
Pancakes with red caviar, onion and sour-cream.
13.70 EUR
Shhi (sauerkraut soup) a'la Peter under pastry crust in a clay pot + nastoika (infusion)
11.90 EUR
Chicken soup. Light chicken fillet soup + with noodles
8.10 EUR
9.10 EUR
Troika "Napoleon" cake
8.90 EUR
Sweet pancakes with wild berries and ice-cream
8.90 EUR
Cottage cheese pancakes with sour-cream and jam
9.90 EUR
Ice Cream "Troika"
6.30 EUR

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